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Employee Spotlight: Jessica Brand

Every company has at least one individual who’s a go-to person. The one you can go to for the answer to your question, because even if they don’t know the answer—they’ll know who will. The one you can go to when you need a hand, because you know you’ll get help. At St. Croix Collections, that person is Jessica Brand.

St. Croix has a real longevity among the staff. People become artisans and experts in their role, spending years perfecting their craft. It’s a unique factor and tremendous asset to a brand of clothing whose foundation is the goal of perfection. Jessica’s tenure at St. Croix isn’t as long as some, but you’d never know it. Jess dove into her role in Customer Service/Sales Support since she started at the company four years ago.

Jessica 1 copyQuick with a smile, witty comments and knowledge, Jess’s role at St. Croix could be seen as a juggler. She describes the customer service & sales support area as a filter for many other areas of the company. She can be found juggling the daily needs of the St. Croix Sales reps, orders, and lots of paperwork. She juggles some work with the purchasing and planning departments, especially when there are specials for retailers. She also juggles orders for the shipping department, information on customers, forecasting and projection reporting.

Marketing is in Jess’s background, and she enjoys the elements of her day that provide those marketing opportunities. She shared that what she most looks forward to each clothing season is “Seeing all of the garments on display at the Sales Meeting. I’ve learned so much from the Design Team on coordination of clothing and what works well together. It really helps me when selling.”

With photography as a hobby, Jess also loves it when she gets to snap some images of the famous St. Croix clothing for marketing needs, particularly social media. The use of social media in marketing has changed dramatically just in the short time Jess has been with St. Croix, and she can see the impact that it has every day.

But if you ask her what she loves the most about her job, she’s quick with an answer: “Our customers. I love meeting them and talking to them about their businesses. I think we’ve got the very best customers.”

Jess’s favorite St. Croix item is a Merino Wool Heritage Zip Mock. “It’s a beautiful Moroccan color. I got it for Christmas two years ago,” (yes, often times women do wear and love our sweaters as much as men).

When not performing her juggling act at St. Croix and lending a helping hand wherever needed, Jess has many hobbies that keep her busy. She loves fishing, music, teaching Sunday School, singing in church, reading and camping. And of course, photographing her kids, family and friends.

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She met her husband Justin in 2005, and they have two beautiful children Caitlin and Isaac. They live in an idyllic, quiet country setting, and she wouldn’t want it any other way. “My world revolves around my family,” she said.