St. Croix Collections is proud of its nearly 60 year American-made legacy. There’s a certain comradery among companies that have hit the half-century mark—it’s almost like a club. A club of determined, dedicated people who know that quality and service are the only real way to build a long-lasting venture, and it becomes part of their DNA. Kannon’s Clothing Store in Raleigh, NC could be considered the club leader. Widely acknowledged as one of the oldest family owned clothing stores in America, Kannon’s Clothing has set the bar extremely high for all other retail businesses in the U.S.

isaacLike St. Croix founder Bernhard Brenner, Isaac George Kannon had an American Dream. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1905, determined to provide a healthy and prosperous life for his family. Focused on quality from the very beginning, Isaac first sold goods on foot, later moving up to the luxury of a horse and buggy! He finally opened a retail store in Wendell, NC in 1916. Over the years that store expanded to over 4,200 square feet, and in recent years the Men’s Store has relocated to a busy, upscale location in Raleigh, NC.

Today, the third generation of Kannons own and run the store: Joe Ann Wright, George Knuckley, Boo Jefferson and Mary Kathryn Phillips. They all have memories of playing in the back rooms, and literally learning the business from the ground up. And they learned the philosophy that was firmly established by the family patriarch Isaac Kannon: “I’d rather you leave empty handed than with a garment that’s not right for you.” Prioritizing the needs of the customer over the desire to earn a sale has earned a reputation of excellence in customer service and integrity from literally generations of customers. And that, they all agree, is the true testament of success for them.

St. Croix Sales Representative Rich Welmering has been working with Kannon’s for over 20 years. He’s seen first hand how this dedicated family have continued to grow the business and provide unparalleled customer service. Rich tells us: “This is simply a great family serving the Raleigh area with supreme quality and fashion for over 100 years!”

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One hundred years in the retail clothing business—really any business—is a long time. That’s something that doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and a desire to continue building the heritage on the spirit and philosophy of their Grandfather Isaac. St. Croix is proud to be part of such a wonderful legacy business, and we wish Kannon’s continued success!

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Visit the Kannon’s Men’s Clothing Store at 435 Daniel’s Street, Raleigh, NC, or the Women’s Clothing Store at 10 Main Street, Wendell, NC.








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