Has anyone ever made anything for you by hand? Chances are, it’s become a cherished gift. Giving something that is handmade conveys thoughtfulness, care and quality. There’s an entire $30-billion-dollar craft industry based on creating, and often giving, things that are handmade. The term handmade has come to really mean something in our highly mechanized world.

For SAINT CROIX, “handmade” isn’t just a selling feature on a tag or in some marketing materials, it’s a promise. A tradition. The way it’s always been done. And it permeates the entire process of creating each and every piece of knitwear. From the hand illustrated sketches and designs, to the meticulously planned-out patterns of our highly collectible art sweater (where every single stitch is carefully planned), through the weaving and washing and cutting out patterns, assembly and final inspection—at SAINT CROIX it’s all touched by highly skilled hands throughout our process.


This isn’t something that just happened. It was the purposeful goal of Bernhard Brenner, Founder of SAINT CROIX. He’s been driven by a singular goal for over 55 years: to create the finest garment in the world. This drive for perfection combines artistry with technology, handcrafting with innovation, and a refined European/American style with comfort and wearability. This is both our history and our future.

IMG_2120It’s the combination of the careful, thoughtful handcrafting combined with an obsessive attention to quality (both materials and workmanship) that has made SAINT CROIX the most remarkable, luxurious knitwear in the world. Many companies spend time talking about how great their products are…at SAINT CROIX we spend our time making the fabulous products. Throughout the year, we often give tours of the factory. At one point in the tour, Mr. Brenner will ask one of the tour-goers to give him one strand of hair. Just one. He puts this single strand on a piece of white paper. He then pulls out a single strand of the raw material that we use to weave our knitwear, and places it next to the hair. It’s almost impossible to see the raw material (usually Merino Wool) when it’s placed side-by-side with a single strand of human hair! The raw materials are that fine.  And that’s just one reason our knitwear is so durable, comfortable, and sublime—because no detail is overlooked.

This gift giving season, consider giving something that is handcrafted with the finest quality raw materials and workmanship. Care and attention from our highly skilled artisans goes into every garment. That’s how it’s been since SAINT CROIX began—and how it always will be. Our careful craftsmanship will make you look like the most thoughtful gift giver!

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