If you visit Kansas City and ask a local to recommend something to do, it’s likely they’ll point you toward the Plaza. It’s a fabulous shopping and entertainment district near downtown Kansas City, complete with beautiful fountains, great shops and plenty of restaurants. A must-stop shop at the Plaza is Pinstripes—one of the best men’s luxury clothing retailers in Kansas City.

Pinstripes has been in business for 21 years, co-owned by Jack Ring and Trent Slusher. Years ago, both Jack and Trent worked for a clothing retailer called Mr. Guy. Trent had actually worked there since 1986. When the store came up for sale, they decided to purchase it—knowing they already had an established clientele and business in place.

store inside

Over the years they’ve made several changes. Many men’s stores feel very masculine through the use of very dark wood tones and deep colors in the décor and furnishing. Pinstripes is a breath of fresh air with it’s light, bright store filled with color! It’s one of the things that sets this retailer apart. Jack tells us that they are really known for carrying clothing with a lot of color—so naturally the St. Croix Collection is a perfect fit in their shop! “We’re classic”, said Jack. “We’re not racy or edgy. We provide patterns and lots of colors. Tasteful and classy. We want people to look and feel good!”

Pinstripes sounds like a store where you’d purchase a smart suit. And indeed, you can definitely purchase a great looking suit here. But their overall collection is more casual, which is where the bulk of their business stems from. “This is where St. Croix fits in to our store. Guys want to be casual and comfortable, but look great. St. Croix might seem expensive, but you get what you pay for, and it sure looks good,” Jack told us.


Both Jack and Trent have a passion for helping people look and feel their best. Part of their success over the last 21 years stems from their belief that this is an important relationship business on both sides—the people they work with and their customers, many of whom feel like family. And at the end of the day, they just want people to be happy. They’ve also managed to cultivate a great personality within the store. “It’s really outgoing, but stress free. Everyone just feels at home here, both our staff and our customers. That’s what truly sets us apart,” said Jack.

Giving out some fashion advice, Jack shared that the one item every man must have in his wardrobe is a great navy 1941vestblazer. He believes that you can take a navy blazer into almost any situation, and you’ll look great. You can dress it up or down, and it will always look perfect for the occasion—and it hides a lot of flaws (hey, who doesn’t have flaws?)! From the St. Croix Collection, their favorite item is the Chunky Full Zip Merino Wool Vest. Jack says that they “sell the daylights out of it”, and many customers substitute it for a casual sport coat.

St. Croix Sales Representative Eddie Gricius has known Jack and Trent for over 40 years. He recalls that their business with St. Croix began with Pinstripes carrying just a single style of corduroy trousers, and has really expanded over the years. “These gentlemen really know their customers”, Eddie told us. “They represent the best of our industry: sophistication, great style, and sharp business acumen. They are always a pleasure to work with and I just can’t say enough good things about them!”

When asked what has been their favorite moment over the years, Jack said that it’s not just one thing, but many moments…all the simple, everyday moments spent with customers and visitors. Jack reflected: “I don’t think our customers know how much we really care about them, maybe they just don’t realize it. We really enjoy retail and can’t imagine doing anything else right now.”

Come visit Jack and Trent and their entire staff at Pinstripes at the Plaza in Kansas City, they’ll show you why visitors to their store always say “Wow, this is a really great store!”

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