Unlike a seemingly endless array of fashion accessories for women, there aren’t quite as many options for men. Years ago, no well-dressed gentleman would step outside his home without a hat, three-piece suit and a pocket watch. Today’s trends and accessories are not nearly that formal, and often combine both form and function. Tech accessories like an Apple watch are very common—because they offer a sleek look and cool tools. Colorful pocket squares have nearly replaced ties for what’s considered standard business attire. But one accessory that covers the three Fs (form, function and FUN!) is the humble sock.

At SAINT CROIX, we pride ourselves in offering only the very best garments that can be made, and our hosiery is no exception—it is simply the best. High quality socks are one of those small luxuries in life that no longer feel like a luxury once you try them. They suddenly feel like a necessity.

So what makes SAINT CROIX hosiery so special? Our socks are crafted for performance, comfort and style. Every piece in our collection is made of the highest quality Egyptian Cotton, and is manufactured just for us by one of the most renowned sock manufacturers in Italy.

But one of the very best things about our hosiery is that the toes are hand-looped. Not sure why this is important? Well hand-looping is vital in many of our manufacturing processes. It’s one of the things that sets our knitwear apart, and gives our collars and necklines (among other things) bulk-free, seamless performance. The same can be said for the hand looping on our socks. This process creates a seamless feeling against the toes, and is pure luxury.

Don’t think a seamless sock is a big deal? You will once you try it—especially if you are doing a lot of walking. Our Design team takes bi-annual trips to Europe for trend and design research. They literally log tens of thousands steps every day, and our hosiery makes all the difference on days like that. Design Director Dave Gebhardt can tell you how important this feature is—he swears by the SAINT CROIX socks as a must-have travel item during the European design trips.

We’ve covered the function of our socks, now let’s consider form and fun. Every year we design 25-30 new styles for our collection. Some of them coordinate with our knitwear, but some offer intriguing designs that stand on their own. This is the one menswear accessory you don’t have to take too seriously, style-wise. It’s a punch of personality in an otherwise professional, buttoned up look. After all, fashion should be colorful and fun!

SAINT CROIX hosiery: well designed, colorful, high quality luxury you can afford to splurge on. Take it from us, once you try our fabulous socks, you won’t want anything else. They really are the perfect accessory!

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