One should always be a student of curiosity. He or she must crave the discovery of greater and better technologies.

Sometimes the journey of improvement requires an individual to explore the same path twice. St. Croix has had to do that on its journey of crafting the best knit.

The Beginning
11 years ago, St. Croix experimented with Silpure Antimicrobial Treatment. This treatment keeps garments fresh and keeps odors away using tiny silver ions. While Silpure was advanced beyond its years, St. Croix encountered early road bumps. The technology was brand new and only a handful of people could elaborate on how it works. Not only that, very few saw the value of the technique in the fashion industry. The journey to a garment with long-lasting freshness was not a perceived need. Ahead of its time, St. Croix then pushed the “pause” button.

In recent years, the power of silver has become very popular. Clean and fresh garments have become a hot topic in the fashion world, specifically brands working in athletic apparel. Many brands have experimented and added silver to their products. These odor-repelling garments had become high demand for wellness enthusiasts. Silver’s antimicrobial abilities have been mainly focused in one arena of the fashion world, but St. Croix recognized that an opportunity has again presented itself – its time has come

St. Croix is pioneering new directions in the luxury fashion industry by treating a select few of their garments with Silpure. You can expect to see mock pullovers, polos, crewneck sweaters, and tees all undergo the procedure to achieve lasting freshness.


How It Works
Silpure uses the power of silver to fight bacteria. Silver is able to limit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. In addition, these silver ions are carefully shaped and sized to avoid fabric discoloration that can occur in other antimicrobial products. That’s a good reason to apply Silpure to a fashion brand such as St. Croix.

Through daily use, perspiration on fabrics can encourage the growth of bacteria. St. Croix products that are treated with Silpure are able to actively prevent the growth of bacteria. This keeps the garments fresh for a longer time.

When you wear a St. Croix product treated with Silpure, you can anticipate a clean, fresh, and odor-free garment.

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