St Croix Collections was recently featured in the March 2021 edition of Golf Plus Magazine. The article explains the importance of performance clothing for golfers and evolving trends in golf apparel.

A Golfer’s Signature Component 

Out of all athletes, some would argue that golfers wear the most stylish clothing. As the game of golf can be quite relaxing, players seek apparel that looks great and provides comfortable wear throughout their hours on the course. 

Playing rounds outdoors all day creates the need to be protected from outside elements  so they can focus on the play. An uncomfortable shirt is the last thing an athlete wants to worry about during a round of golf. They just want to feel comfortable yet luxurious enough in their game attire so they can easily go straight from the green to the clubhouse.

Have you noticed that many golfers want to stand out on the green? They have been seen wearing primarily bright colors and loud patterns. St. Croix Collections stands out because we not only fit in the emerging trend of solid bright tones but also timeless neutral colors. Our soft, luxurious shirts make the perfect golf apparel and look at ease in post-game relaxation. They are made with quality Giza Cotton or Merino Wool, blended with a touch of microfibers to be durable, absorbent, and breathable. It’s the perfect combination for a golfer who wants to be confident and comfortable out on the course. 

Quality performance clothing should help provide sun protection, be odor-resistant and quick drying, as well as have a great fit and ease of care. Not surprisingly, these are all aspects men look for in their finer clothing! 

Cotton is a durable and hypoallergenic fabric that has been worn by golfers for decades. Nowadays, tech apparel is evolving towards synthetic fiber shirts and the convenience factor of them, rather than the high maintenance work of wearing a cotton shirt. Athletes do not want to iron their clothes before they go play a game, or round.

The ease of care has driven performance-based clothing. Convenience is the new black!

The climate you live or play in could influence the kind of fabric needed to protect you from outside elements. One may be preferred when it’s cold, while another may seem better suited to warmer temperatures. But for the fabric that is always just right, choose Merino wool. During colder months, Merino wool provides lightweight insulation to keep you warm. On hotter days, the wool transports moisture from the skin  to increase evaporation and keep you cool. Merino wool is the perfect year-round  apparel fabric and worth the investment for anyone’s wardrobe. 

Fabric and construction performance is a big part when it comes to playing golf. When these athletes repeatedly swing a club they expect their shirt to stay tucked into their pants, collar should stay in-place, and the whole shirt remain wrinkle-free throughout the rounds. St. Croix values style and fabric when it comes to designing and manufacturing clothing for men and golfers and delivers consistently highest performance in distinctive style.

To read the featured article, follow this link and visit pages 28-30 –

“Shirts: A Golfer’s Signature Component.” Golf Plus Magazine, March 2021, pp. 28-30

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