There’s something special about slipping into a well-made shirt. From sliding your arms into the sleeves to popping your head through the neck, it just feels right. Even the way the material finds its home on your shoulders makes a difference. Who knew the simple act of getting dressed could make you feel like a million bucks?

Of course, not all shirts elicit the same emotions. It all comes down to the details, like the fabric and care that goes into the garment. When you buy clothing made in the USA, it’s a brilliant start to finding a fit that feels custom made.

Supporting American-made products is also a great way to show country pride. When you find the ‘Made in the USA’ label, take comfort in knowing they are produced ethically and safely.

Buying American-made products contributes to a brighter and more stable future for the entire country through the support of American businesses. Supporting local businesses reinforces the strength of local communities and the nation from the inside out. When you purchase a product with a ‘Made in the USA’ label, you are supporting our country in more ways than one. Choosing to purchase American-made goods is an important step in fostering American independence from the rest of the world.

Here at St. Croix, we strongly believe in the American Dream. We have manufactured our collections in the USA for over 60 years with quality that stands the test of time. With the right care, your St Croix’s garments will last another 50 years.

How does buying American products benefit America?

1.  Provides Jobs for Future Generations

2.  Promotes American Independence

3.  Better for the Environment

4.  Guaranteed Quality of Goods

5.  Guaranteed Safer and Fair Working Conditions

6.  Lowers the U.S. Budget Deficit

7.  Lowers Trade Deficit

Supports the Economy

Buying products made in America helps support the overall economy, including generating tax revenue and creating more jobs for American workers.

Maintains Quality Standards

People in other countries are willing to pay more for American-made products because they know they will receive better quality. Higher quality products have a longer lifespan. ‘Made in the USA’ means built to last.

Safe and Higher Labor Standards

Many other countries that manufacture goods have no guarantee for worker’s rights. When you purchase a product that is labeled as ‘Made in the USA’, rest assured that you are not contributing to dangerous working conditions.

How St. Croix Produces American Clothing

Unmatched design and development of garments

St Croix produces American designs with European influence. Our Design team travels the world from the corners of NYC to Milan, seeking emerging fashion trends and gathering inspiration. Every St Croix design is plotted into an engineering system, then programmed using the latest knitting technology. You cannot create a long-lasting garment without a solid foundation. Effort and resources are spent on the front end of every piece of clothing.

Quality materials from start to finish

Quality garments come from quality natural materials. With use of Egyptian Giza Cotton and Merino Wool yarn, our garments are produced/grown/reproduced on nature’s cycle of life. Wool is a natural fiber that has moisture wicking abilities, unlike any other fiber. Wool also breaks down faster than synthetic fibers, which is good for the planet. Quality materials produce quality garments that are made to last for decades to come.


Once in the hands of our highly skilled artisans, the garments keep their shape. With chemical-free processing, we wash the fabric, steam and heat-set it to extend the lifespan of the finished apparel. This process eliminates shrinking and improves washability.  Each knitwear piece is hand-marked, cut, sewn, and created in Winona, Minnesota.

Over 60 years ago, our founder, Bernhard Brenner set out to do one simple thing: create the very best garment possible. Today, that tradition continues, backed by a long history of handcrafting quality American-made goods with exceptional value. Buying American may come with a higher price tag, but it comes with the assurance that it’s money well spent. St Croix Collections encourages you to make an investment in your apparel. Look for the ‘Made in the USA’ label and build your wardrobe around solid pieces that stand the test of time. Then relax and enjoy the look and feel of clothing that feels just right.

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