Meet one of our designers, see a sneak peak of our next sensational release and learn our process to creating special limited edition art sweaters!

Have you ever imagined wearing a piece of art? At St. Croix Collections, we elevate the concept of wearable art through our sweaters. Also known as artwear or art to wear, these inspired designs breathe life into the special knitwear. Our Art Sweaters are not only stylish and whimsical but exude personality.

Some artists work with chalk or oil pastels, but our designers use fabric. As color, texture and creative design are the hallmarks of our brand, it seems natural that we would celebrate art through our medium. Each season, our designers draw inspiration from a specific art piece. They take great care interpreting the creation as handcrafted knitwear and thread by thread, the design transforms into a masterpiece. The utmost precision is required from start to finish and the result is nothing short of fabulous. Every Art Sweater also meets the superior standards we are known for.

This Fall, St. Croix Collections invites you to enjoy the artistic expression of Paul Klee’s Moonlight. A Swiss-born German Artist, Klee drew inspiration from expressionism, cubism and surrealism. Some say there is something elusive and unknowable about his compositions, hovering between natural and imagination, so it will come as no surprise when wearing our Moonlight conjures the same emotion. Though Moonlight currently hangs in a private collection, you can own the next best thing by adding this magnificent sweater to your wardrobe!

Just as owning a Klee is a rarity, St. Croix Collections Art Sweaters are few in numbers making them even more special. We only produce 100 of each, so they become sought-after possessions for art lovers everywhere. Once the season passes, if any remain, they transition into our Legacy Collection, never to be reproduced again.

Owning a St. Croix Collections Art Sweater tells the world you have great taste and appreciate the finer things in life. Much like strolling through the MoMA, enjoying our sweaters up close will delight your senses and owning one is a rare treat.

As a nod to National Arts and Humanities Month, St Croix continues the proud tradition of sharing our love of art and the world’s finest clothing.  

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