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The ongoing war in Ukraine is affecting many lives. Not just the people living and fleeing from the country but also people working relentlessly to help whether they are volunteers or working for governments and organizations.

Children are the ones who are suffering most during this conflict. More than 2 million children have fled from Ukraine to neighboring countries like Poland, Romania, and Moldovia. Many of them are unaccompanied and have lost everything, including the connection to their families. According to the UN, another Ukrainian child becomes a refugee nearly every second.

SAINT CROIX wants to help provide a future for those children. This is why we are partnering with World Vision, a humanitarian aid organization, to help raise awareness and relief funds for Ukrainian refugees and children in need.

For the CEO of SAINT CROIX, Mr. Bernhard Brenner, the events in Ukraine hit near and dear to his heart. He left post-WW2 Germany as a young boy and is very familiar with what the Ukrainian children are experiencing currently.

In an interview with Mr. Brenner, this is what he had to say about the events in Ukraine:

Why is it important to you to help people fleeing from Ukraine and how did your own experience with war impact you?
“I experienced the horrors of war myself in WW2 Germany. I had to leave Germany, my home country, so I know what it feels like to have to start a new life in a foreign country. I believe it’s important to help Ukraine stay a free and democratic country and help the Ukrainian people in any way we can.”

Are you personally involved in helping/what is SAINT CROIX doing to help?
“Yes, we donated sweaters, shirts, and jackets to Poland and from there they were given to refugees and transported to Ukraine. We are also working with a charity, World Vision, to help raise relief funds for refugees from Ukraine and especially Ukrainian children in need.”

What support do you think is needed?
“I believe the moral support of all Americans is needed during this time as well as financial support to help the people in need and also help relieve the huge burden on Poland, Romania, and all other European countries that take in refugees."

If you want to help Ukrainian refugees and relief the countries and people involved in helping, visit the SAINT CROIX and World Vision Donation Page.

Donate now and help support refugees and children in need!

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