Your socks should be more than just an accessory. You may think of them as the last thing you put on when getting dressed. A piece of clothing that’s merely an afterthought, one of the things you have to wear on the days you’re not taking the boat out or when you’re not headed to the beach.

But the often-overlooked truth is a well-made pair of socks are one of life’s little luxuries. You know the feeling the instant that elegant material hugs your foot, wrapping you in comfort you can sense throughout your whole body from the ground up. Yes, you can get all that from a pair of socks.

At St. Croix Collections, our luxurious socks are definitely more than an accessory or an afterthought.

luxury socks

Upon first glance, you may think it’s our playful eye-catching designs that make them so desired, but it starts with how they’re made.

First off, our socks are made in Italy. Yes, the land of the Colosseum, delicious wines and perfectly prepared pasta dishes. You can also add our luxurious socks into the mix.

Each sock is crafted with a hand-looped toe for extra comfort. This process gives you a seamless feel inside with a fit that’s totally flat, without the unwanted bulk you find in socks of a lesser quality. While it may take an extra fifteen minutes to loop each pair, we feel you’re well worth the extra effort and well worth the time.

You’ll find our socks measure up to just the right mid-calf length. By hitting that sweet spot, your socks will stay up all day as the elasticity at the top comfortably rides along over the heaviest part of your calf.

luxury socks
Luxury socks

You’ll also find superior comfort in what our luxurious socks are made of. The plated knit cotton on the outside is a treasure to touch. Inside, our stretch nylon goes to work by absorbing moisture while always providing the shape retention one would expect from a sock of this caliber.

And as for the designs, well, what’s not to love? Our creative collective of St. Croix socks allow for just the right degree of showing off your personality without shouting too loud. Take a look at our tasteful designs that let you keep it sophisticated while having a little fun. And of course, we add our name, St. Croix Collections, to the top of the toe. A little extra offering that lets others know you have great taste from top to bottom.

Luxury socks

Try on a pair of our seamless, hand-looped, Italian-made socks. We’ve taken the extra steps in each distinctive detail to ensure the steps you take are in stride with comfort and keeping it classic. They’re way more than just an accessory, they’re made for you. Because at St. Croix Collections, we wouldn’t want to do it any other way.

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