To All Dads -

This month, join us in the celebration of all things dad. He’s the guy who teaches those all-important life lessons. Lessons his dad may have taught him, lessons he teaches his own children.

For some, it was how to bait a hook. How to throw a ball. How to grill a proper burger. The lessons didn’t stop there. He also taught how to keep score in golf. Both ways. There was the proper way, and then there was his way. He also lent his advice on how to be a professional and how high to set the bar. No matter what kind of dad you had, he helped shape you into who you are today.


That being said, we here at SAINT CROIX would like to salute all the dads out there, especially those who enjoy the fit and feel of distinctive fashions with delightful detail.

There are many types of dads out there. Each with their own distinguished tastes. Their extensive list of hobbies. Their approach to living life to its fullest.

To the golf dad who enjoys nothing more than a sunny afternoon teeing off and chipping their way through a round of 18, SAINT CROIX salutes you. Your constant drive for lowering that score and keeping out of the sand traps is admirable. As you check the wind direction one more time before selecting the right club, take comfort in knowing there’s a refreshing reward ahead in the club house.

To the home chef dad who mans the grill, ensuring just the right amount of flame kisses each choice cut of meat to give that sensational sear, SAINT CROIX salutes you. Whether you’re on the patio preparing intimate culinary delights for a few, or you’re in the kitchen blending savory and sweet for a group that’s hard to please, you do it with your own style of flavor. Your personal touch goes a long way on each plate.

To the adventure-seeking dad, always pursuing the next leg of the journey, SAINT CROIX salutes you. Whether it’s jetting off to some place warm, setting sail in the local waters or venturing to rugged lands dotted with evergreens and snow-capped mountains, you’re always looking forward to something new. Your thirst for experience makes others curious what story you’ll be sharing next.

To the comedian dad who always seems to have a joke at the ready. He can make anyone crack a smile and for that, SAINT CROIX salutes you. You’ve kept family, friends and co-workers rolling with laughter day after day. While each one may not have been a zinger, you always brighten a room while focusing on what’s fun. Good times are guaranteed whenever you’re around.

To the handy dad who can fix everything, SAINT CROIX salutes you, right after we hand over that crescent wrench. Nobody knows for sure where you learned how to fix everything under the roof and under the hood, but when there’s a repair or new build needed, you’re there. You and your ultimate set of tools definitely sets you apart from those who can’t and those who can do.


While we have only highlighted a few different types of dads, we want to give our appreciation to every dad out there. The fathers, the father figures, the mentors - thank you for all you do. You really do make a difference.


That’s one reason why we design clothing for the man who deserves a lot more in what they wear. From our classic favorites to shirts, sweaters and accessories, our clothing is made from the finest materials, Made For You.

Happy Fathers Day from SAINT CROIX!

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