Todd & Duncan, Goats and St. Croix Luxury Men’s Clothing

After reading the above phrase, you may wonder what Todd & Duncan, goats and St. Croix have to do with one another. Simply put, they’re all pieces of a handcrafted puzzle, which when put together creates the world’s most luxurious knitwear.

It’s no secret St. Croix seeks out the world’s best raw materials. Without them, it would be impossible to create the finest luxury menswear that St. Croix is known for. So, when we were able to source world renowned Scottish cashmere from Todd & Duncan, you know we just couldn’t resist.

Todd & Duncan has earned the trust of fashion houses and luxury knitwear manufacturers for generations, St Croix included. Their cashmere is yarn spun, colored and crafted at their Loch Leven mill in Scotland using methods that are true to the ways of the past.

Their take on traditional methods with a modern approach is a part of what makes Scottish cashmere so luxurious, unique and desirable. The way it looks, how it feels and the way it drapes. It truly is worthy of the title, world’s finest.

Another reason Scottish cashmere from Todd & Duncan is so spectacular, it’s the goats. These aren’t Scottish goats. They’re a hardy, mountain-dwelling breed that has adapted to the harsh environments and extreme temperature of the Gobi Desert.

To survive, these goats have developed wonderfully thick coats made up of a coarse outer guard hair and a fine, soft undercoat. Using only the finest fiber – the kind which the white downy undercoat that runs from the throat to belly only yields – you get the finest material. It takes fiber from one goat to knit one decadent scarf, three to make a luxury sweater.

St Croix knits made with Todd and Duncan the world's softest cashmere. Made for You.

At St Croix, we believe cashmere knitwear should be a wardrobe staple. It’s as comfortable to wear on a summer afternoon as it is on a frosty winter morning. And when it’s Scottish cashmere from Todd & Duncan, their refined manufacturing techniques over the past two centuries ensures you’ll have luxury cashmere that pills less than any other.

One more note on the goats, because they’re the true stars. Todd & Duncan partner with approved goat de-hairers. They encourage sustainable herding and grazing practices, promote high standards of animal welfare and work to protect the traditional way of life among the nomadic communities that tend to these amazing creatures. Without the goats, we wouldn’t have the world’s finest luxury cashmere to make the world’s finest garments.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about slipping into St Croix clothing made of the world’s finest Scottish cashmere yarn, spun by Todd & Duncan. Because when it’s luxury menswear from St Croix, it’s clothing that’s made just for you.

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