Right now, you’re enjoying the final stretch of summer, but soon you’ll be able to feel fall is in the air. A time when we can look forward to football. A time to bask in crisp colors cascading down the countryside and tree-lined city streets. It’s also a time for you to trade in those shorts and sandals as you transition into light jackets and jeans.

Going into any new season, it’s always a good idea to update your wardrobe. It gives you a fresh start. A little boost of confidence. And who doesn’t like walking out the door to take on the day in new clothes? It just feels good.

At St. Croix, our luxury menswear makes it easy to help you look your best. It’s true. Our handcrafted apparel is like none other. We can also make it even easier to achieve a superior level of great taste with our Personal Styling. Since fall will be in the air before you know it, let’s look at how adding a few transitional pieces to your wardrobe can help you slide into the season in style.

St. Croix customer in a fall quarter zip mock


The days may be getting shorter, but early autumn still has its share of warm temps. Therefore, layers are a must. Morning may start out a little too cool for comfort, but by mid-day, the sun could have you wishing you didn’t pack away your short sleeve- shirts. By early evening you’re back to chasing away the chilly air. Layering is the obvious answer to help find your comfort zone. No one else is better equipped to help you choose the right staples of our luxury menswear for layering than our personal stylists.

Long Sleeve Button Ups

Before you break out the heavy sweaters, a breathable button-up will have you comfortable all day long. From that first cup of morning coffee to the end of the day when you can finally kick off your shoes. A classic fit that never goes out of style, colors and designs that command attention without going overboard. Our long sleeve shirts are always ready for whatever your busy day brings.

St. Croix fall long sleeve button up

Crewneck and Quarter Zip Mocks

It’s almost the weekend and you’re more than ready. Just a few more meetings on the go and you’re there. As you get ready to leave the office, this is when your St Croix Quarter Zip Mock comes in handy. Lightweight enough to not overheat, attractive enough to complement your St Croix classic fit long sleeve beneath.

St Croix customer in a fall quarter zip mock


With the weekend finally here, it’s time to spend some time with the family outdoors. The forecast can’t seem to make up its mind so you reach for your lightweight jacket, from St. Croix. While others may not know your jacket was handcrafted, you can feel it with every move. Finally, a lightweight jacket that was made for you, made for cool autumn days like these.

St. Croix customer in a fall lightweight jacket

Finding transitional pieces to match your style isn’t too difficult when choosing from St. Croix’s selection of luxury menswear, whether you are going outdoors or staying in. If you are planning an outdoor adventure, Artful Living magazine has some suggestions for you, or if you are looking for a quite day on the town, our Personal Stylist, can ensure you’ll find the perfect mix of color, tone and fit. If you haven’t tried shopping with Personal Styling, there’s no better time to give it a try than now.

Working with our Personal Stylist is easy. Tell us what you like on our Personal Style Request page, and we’ll schedule a session in-person or virtually…whatever works best for you! Then it’s time to get styled with hand-picked, hand-crafted apparel for your wardrobe.

Before the temps start to dip, make sure you’re ready for fall with great-looking luxury menswear from St. Croix Collections. Clothing for every season, clothing that’s “Made for You”.

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