It’s not often a company strives to be slow, but at St. Croix, we know the impact of our choices. Slow Fashion has been a hot topic in the fashion industry. At St. Croix, we understand the environmental impact of mass-producing low-quality clothing with poor materials. Factories that produce Fast Fashion contribute the most to pollution by using toxic dyes, textiles that shed plastic microfibers, and clothing that is disposed of too quickly.

slow fashion sustainable quality

Made from high quality:

            St. Croix's materials are of some of the highest quality on the market. St. Croix uses Mongolian Cashmere, one of the rarest and most valuable yarns, in producing our sweaters and scarfs. We also use Giza Cotton, grown in Egypt in an area full of nutrients and high humidity, which is perfect for cotton production. St. Croix uses Merino Wool, the thinnest and softest wool found today. Merino Wool is crafted so you can wear the article of clothing any time of the year. High-quality materials for each piece of clothing allow your St. Croix piece to be worn season after season.

Timeless over trendy:

           St. Croix's clothing is made to be worn for a lifetime. St. Croix also designs clothing that will never go out of style and can be worn as the trends change over the years. Men’s fashion does evolve, but St. Croix’s pieces are timeless. Whether bold colors and patterns or muted neutrals, St. Croix has something for everyone and every trend.

 Locally produced:

           St. Croix’s factory is in a small town on the Mississippi River, Winona, MN. Our 35 dedicated artisans are committed to producing high-quality clothing. From the hand-illustrated sketches and designs to the meticulously planned-out patterns of our highly collectible art sweater, each person has an important role in the design and development of the garment.  Our team weaves and washes the fabric, hand-cuts patterns, assembles, and inspects — at St. Croix, it’s all touched by highly skilled hands.

 Few styles and made-to-order:

           St. Croix produces a small collection two times per year. Each collection has roughly 75 styles. St. Croix also has seasonal trunk shows, so our customers order what they want to buy, reducing the possibility of overproducing. At St. Croix, we like to say our products are “Made For You”!

These aspects allow St. Croix to remain focused on producing quality clothing without negatively impacting the environment. You can rely on quality over quantity and feel good about your clothes from St. Croix.

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