What Makes Luxury (Menswear) So Luxurious? 

The very first time you put on a piece of clothing from St Croix, maybe you didn’t ponder what made that little slice of luxury so luxurious. You just knew it looked great. You knew the fit felt amazing. You knew you found something special. 

There’s a reason St Croix luxury menswear looks, fits and feels like an indulgence you wished you found sooner. It’s because of how our clothing is made and what it’s made of. 

The amount of planning - the consideration of the wearer and the precise execution to produce such luxurious menswear didn’t happen by accident. It’s what founder Bernhard Brenner set out to do from the start, over 60 years ago. His singular vision to “make the finest sweater that can be made” may be where the story begins, but to this day St Croix continues to create new chapters, always raising the bar of luxury menswear, worldwide.

St. Croix thread used to make luxury menswear


From hand-illustrated sketches and designs, the concept of a new piece of clothing comes alive. To really make these pieces stand out and stand the test of time, not just any material will do. St Croix knows you demand quality, so we search the globe for the very best materials that allow us to live up to that standard. Unmatched materials like Mongolian Cashmere, Giza Cotton, Merino Wool, Mozambique Silk and Vicuna from high atop the Andes Mountains of South America are what we’re made of. These incomparable materials are part of what makes our luxury menswear so luxurious. 

And then there’s the legacy of handcrafting our clothing right here in America, in a small Minnesota town, right on the mighty Mississippi River. Producing clothing that’s handmade isn’t some marketing gimmick. It’s a promise. A tradition. The way it’s always been done. After our state-of-the-art knitting machines work their magic, our fabrics are then turned over to highly skilled human hands for precise care. Every garment is cut by hand. Every seam is sewn by hand. Every button is attached by hand. We create our patented loop collars and bands by hand. Finally, every garment is inspected by hand. It’s this obsession with detail through the entire production process that helps make our luxury menswear so luxurious. 

Employee handcrafting St Croix luxury menswear
St Croix employee hand sewing luxury menswear

Finally, it’s people like you that add the finishing touch of luxury to our clothing. Your enjoyment of the finer things in life can show through the clothing you wear. Choosing to wear St Croix says something about you. It says you have great taste. It says you can appreciate world-class designs for the sophisticated man. It says you know what makes luxury so luxurious. 

Model wearing St. Croix handcrafted luxury menswear

St Croix is more than just handcrafted apparel. It’s a little slice of luxury you can bask in from head to toe. Clothing for those long days at the office, casual wear for those nights on the town, and even comfy classics that are a must for weekend adventures. Experience what makes luxury so luxurious. St Croix is clothing that’s made for you. 

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