Pack your suitcase, you’re going someplace warm!

The moment you book a trip, the timer begins. Maybe you’re the type to set a countdown on your phone. Or you’re so invested into the idea, you can rattle the number off from the top of your head. 17 days, 4 hours, 46 minutes and 12 seconds. Not that you’re counting…

A well packed bag for a warm destination.Part of preparing for that trip to a warm place is figuring out what to pack. You can already imagine the sand between your toes, but outside your window, you may be looking at snow. If you live in an area where it’s sage advice to avoid sticking your tongue to flagpoles when you can see your own breath, your warm weather clothes may not be readily accessible. After all, it is sweater season. But soon, you’ll be leaving behind pieces like our designer quarter zip sweaters and crewneck sweaters for umbrella drinks. So give yourself some time to get reacquainted with your current warm weather wardrobe.

As you search through closets and drawers, make sure your clothes still fit and they’re still in style. You may be going for some serious R & R, but you still want to look good. Since you’ve landed on SAINT CROIX, staying in style comes pretty natural to you.

From five-star resorts to golf courses to cruise ships, choose clothing that will make your getaway more enjoyable. This means selecting the right fabrics and the correct colors to help keep you cool and comfortable.

When it comes to materials, cotton and linen are your friends in warm weather. Soft, lightweight, breathable, cotton soaks up sweat which allows heat to escape your body so you stay cool. Linen is another breathable fabric. Light and loosely woven, linen also absorbs moisture and dries quickly to keep you cool. Moisture-wicking materials are also a smart choice, especially if you’re going to be active.

As you consider what clothing to pack for those hot days, go for fabrics that are light in color. Bright colors and pastels are always a solid choice, as are light colors such as white and beige. It’s best to avoid darker colored clothing since that traps more heat from the sun, making you feel hot. Another plus for lighter color clothing, it’s more fun! You’re on vacation, live it up!

So you’ve gone through your clothes, picked out a few pieces, but your bag still needs a few additions. Don’t worry, SAINT CROIX has you covered with vacation-ready menswear made from the finest materials fit for warm weather.

Seersucker Drawstring Trousers

Try these Seersucker Drawstring Trousers on for size and experience cool, cling-free complete comfort. Made from a cotton blend, you’ll get a hint of stretch as you go about your way. And that drawstring will help remind you to keep it casual while you enjoy yourself.

If you’re going to be packing a polo, this is the one. No matter what you’re doing, the knit in collar stays will ensure you always have a perfect look. The specially designed drape means it won’t be clinging to your body while it keeps you cool with a perfect blend of moisture wicking microfiber and the world’s finest cotton.

Long-sleeve Solid Print Linen Shirts

As the sun goes down and you make your way to dinner, you’ll be glad you packed this Belgian linen shirt. Casual enough to complement your vacation wardrobe, elegant enough to help you stand out with the hand tailored details you demand.

We know you can’t wait for your big trip. We just want you to look good and feel good by packing your bag with clothing that will help make your vacation one to remember. No matter where you go, take our luxury designs and world class menswear with you. Handcrafted with the finest materials, SAINT CROIX is clothing that’s made for you.

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