With so many ways to style your blazer, you may find yourself wanting to wear one every day. Nothing beats a good blazer. Its versatility makes it a must for any man’s wardrobe. You could say it’s like the swiss army knife of apparel. It can be dressed up or dressed down. Always ready to go, always there to add a dash of sophistication. Incorporating the look of a good blazer goes beyond the boardroom. And when that blazer is a piece of luxury menswear from SAINT CROIX, it’s even better.

Let’s take a look at a few different ways to style your blazer so you always look put-together.


A Blazer With Jeans

Let’s start with this one since a number of upcoming suggestions include a pair of jeans. We already mentioned nothing beats a good blazer. A pair of jeans is right up there with it. Combine the two and you have a casual style that keeps it classic. As far as shoes go, the blazer-jeans combo works well with oxfords and loafers, but incorporating a pair of sneakers will maximize the casual look.


Since we started off in a super casual direction, t-shirts and V-necks are the next on our list. If keeping it casual is your plan, a t-shirt under your blazer will most certainly give you the look you’re going for. A plain t-shirt tucked into a pair of light-wash jeans topped with a blazer can be pure magic. With this combo, you’ll have several options to mix and match when deciding what to wear. If you’re the V-neck type, this style of shirt can accentuate your body structure for a sharp, crisp look that keeps it clean.


Polo and Chinos

Choosing to wear a polo under your blazer gives you just enough “dressing up” without going all in. Keep the blazer on for a splash of class, take it off and you’re cruising on casual mode. Either way, it’s total comfort. Incorporate a light-colored pair of chinos and you’ll be head of the class with the ivy league look. This is a great combo for cool summer evenings that keeps it semi-formal. Perfect for a little time on the patio.

Dress Shirt

Chances are, you’ve been sporting this look for a while, or you have the pieces to pull it off. If you haven’t put it all together yet, it’s time you start. A blazer over a dress shirt, now that’s a classic. Toss on a tie that goes well with a neutral-colored shirt and you’re ready to take on whatever comes your way. If a button down is your usual style, a blazer always adds instant credibility when working your way through a day at the office. It’s functional enough for the workplace or gatherings after hours.



This one may be out of your comfort zone, but trust us, it’s a good look that adds a little edge. The hoodie-blazer combo combines the best of both worlds, casual comfort of the collegiate look and distinguished style that a blazer always brings. Give it a try with a plain colored fitted hoodie layered underneath a navy blazer. Toss on a pair of dark jeans and you’re all set with a youthful look that will certainly stand out.

Sweater or Turtleneck

At SAINT CROIX, you know we take pride in our sweaters. So, to suggest adding anything else, it’s got to be special. Wearing a blazer over one of our designer crewneck sweaters or designer quarter zip sweaters will most certainly add the sophistication you’ve been searching for. It’s a way to dress up what we would consider a perfect piece.

Sticking with a look that works for those cooler days, wearing a turtleneck under your blazer will give you that extra layer of comfort. It’s a style that can be completed with jeans and a pair of loafers.

No matter the look you’re going for, hand crafted luxury menswear from SAINT CROIX will be the ultimate addition to your wardrobe. Find the blazer that’s right for you and all the clothing to go along with it. Our fashion experts can make it even easier by setting up a personal styling request. Wear what you like. Wear what looks good. SAINT CROIX is clothing that’s made for you.

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