What makes our classic menswear so classic? When it comes to SAINT CROIX, there’s much to talk about. Today, we’re highlighting how our styling and construction sets us apart in the world of luxury menswear.

Classics need to have substance. Something that stands out. Something that separates our pieces from the pack. Many of those who swear by SAINT CROIX know about our unmatched raw materials used in classic menswear. But why stop there when you can go further to wow the wearer of our luxury men’s clothing.

Close up of our classic menswear

SAINT CROIX set out to establish a difference in the attention to detail when it comes to both styling and construction. A difference that ensured dependability because of the way SAINT CROIX clothing is made. An enduring quality that transcends fads and flavors of the day. We feel it’s a difference you can truly appreciate.

There’s something special about wearing handcrafted apparel. It just feels different when the bar is raised, and your clothing is made to meet the highest standard of excellence. It’s a quality you can feel whether it’s your first time putting on SAINT CROIX apparel, or you’re slipping into your favorite well-worn piece.

From sweaters to sports coats, polos to outerwear, each item is a representation of SAINT CROIX quality. Our team gives each piece the same attention to detail as we design and create beautiful luxury menswear by hand. We’re committed to unparalleled craftsmanship, which is why each craftsperson is highly trained to manufacture our handcrafted apparel.

Hand crafted detail helps make our classic menswear so classic

When it comes to styling, we’re not shy to share our secrets. Our designers have lived and worked in the international capitals of the world, including New York, Paris and Milan. Their cultural diversity and artistic expression translate into new and exciting fashions each season. Throughout the year, founder Bernhard Brenner and the design team travel to fashion centers across the globe attending shows and personally scouting out new color trends, fabrics and techniques.

Each season, our design team brings together the latest fashion trend colors and style to create a coordinated and sophisticated line of men’s luxury sportswear with an American fit and color palette in a contemporary European Style.

Now that you know a little more of what makes our classic menswear so classic, try some on to get a feel for how it fits or book a personal style request with one of our fashion experts. We think the styling and construction of our clothing will make you a lifelong fan. Get to know the classic favorites that set the standard for luxury. SAINT CROIX is menswear made for you.

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