Introducing St. Croix: A Legendary Brand of Luxury and Quality

In the world of fashion, one name reigns supreme: St. Croix. But this is more than just a brand - it's a symbol of quiet luxury, aspiration, and elegance. Known for its high-end knitwear, sport coats, luxury men’s sweaters, and outerwear, St. Croix embodies sophistication and refinement. But what sets it apart? Let us take you on a journey to discover the origins, craftsmanship, and enduring legacy behind St. Croix.

Our story begins in Europe in the 1960s, where Bernhard Brenner founded St. Croix with a passion for creating exquisite knits and sportswear. Inspired by his European heritage, Brenner envisioned a brand that combined luxury with practicality and functionality. The secret to St. Croix's early success? High-quality materials, unique designs, and expert craftsmanship.

Bernhard Brenner in a factory talking to a fashion designer

In 1964, Brenner moved his production from Europe to Winona, Minnesota, taking with him a team of skilled artisans and a handful of equipment. His goal was simple: to create the finest high-end men's garments in the world. Today, St. Croix's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spans 90,000 square feet, a testament to their commitment to quality and heritage.

KnitCraft building in Winona, Minnesota
Original Knitcraft building in Winona, Minnesota

What makes St. Croix truly exceptional is their unwavering dedication to craftsmanship. Each piece of clothing undergoes meticulous design work, inspection, and everything in between by skilled artisans with an average of 20 years of experience. These experts employ techniques like fully-fashioned knitting to ensure perfect fit and luxurious comfort. The finishing touches, such as hand-sewn buttonholes, are what give St. Croix garments their effortlessly stylish and refined look. It's no wonder they have earned global recognition for excellence.

St. Croix fashion designer
St. Croix fashion designer

When you invest in St. Croix, you're investing in quality that stands the test of time. Crafted from the finest materials like Mongolian Cashmere, Giza Cotton, and Merino Wool, each garment is a work of art. St. Croix pieces can last for years with proper care, becoming timeless additions to your wardrobe. This commitment to quality means your investment in St. Croix is a promise of a lifetime of luxury.

woman hand-looping a St. Croix garment in a warehouse in Winona, Minnesota
Man sitting at a desk on a computer designing men's luxury fashion in Winona, Minnesota

St. Croix is more than just clothing - it's a lifestyle. It represents luxury, quality, and refinement. Every piece is thoughtfully designed to embody these values. Whether you choose knitwear, outerwear, or sport coats, St. Croix is a statement of confidence and elevated style. When you wear St. Croix, you declare your love for quality and luxury.

So, if you're ready to elevate your wardrobe and make a statement, look no further than St. Croix Collections. St. Croix exudes luxury with our legendary craftsmanship, commitment to sustainability, and enduring appeal. Choose St. Croix - invest in a brand that speaks volumes about who you are.

Read more about the St. Croix story here.

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