We’re all familiar with the old adage that you can tell a lot about a person by their footwear, but beyond shoes, have you ever considered how socks play a role in self-expression? There’s actually a lot that can be communicated about your personality by the type of socks that you wear. In this guide, we’ll break down a variety of styles and explain how their individual designs reflect character types and specific personalities.

Black and White Socks: The Classicist

Saint Croix classic cotton rib socks in Coal Marl colorIf you’re drawn to black, white, or solid-color neutral socks, you’re likely a focused individual who doesn’t spend too much time fretting about fashion. You’ve got more important things to attend to. You may be a bit reserved and rule-oriented and have occasional trouble breaking out of your comfort zone. But you also know that traditions, including classic sock styles, are there for a reason: because they work!

Striped Socks: The Bold & Brave

Stripes have an interesting legacy in the history of fashion – just a few hundred years ago, they were exclusively worn by criminals and outcasts to signify to others that they ought to keep their distance.


Saint Croix striped socks, design is called Between the Bold and narrow and features shades of blue, maroon, green, and taupe

But stripes were gradually appropriated and popularized for the masses – namely, the use of stripes as a patriotic symbol in the 1783 American Revolution put a positive spin on the pattern, and royal figures such as Queen Victoria further glorified the look for nobility in the 1800s.

Coco Chanel even built a fashion line in 1917 inspired by the stripes of nautical uniforms worn by sailors. Today, stripes can be and are worn by anyone and everyone, but generally are considered to be a bold look. When you know the history behind them, you can’t help but consider yourself to be a brave and proud individual for wearing them too.


Saint Croix "Fractured Guitar" socks, designed with black, white, and gray tonal patterns inspired by the artwork of Pablo PicassoGeometric Socks: The Deep Thinker

Those who favor geometric prints, from circles to irregularly stacked triangles (as seen in the pictured Fractured Guitar sock), tend to be cerebral, and may be particularly gifted in the arts, mathematics, or sciences. For instance, there’s a reason Pythagoras called the circle the “monad”, meaning the most perfect of all creative forms, as it has neither beginning nor end. If you’re artsy or drawn to passions that require original thought, geometric socks may be a perfect way for you to express your ingenuity – and get some fresh ideas flowing in the process.

Novelty Socks: The Playful Persona


We live in an age where there’s a novelty garment to express virtually every interest, from graphic tees to coffee mugs to socks. Those who consider themselves enthusiasts, whether it be for vintage cars, classic arcade games, or fine whiskeys, are often playful and gregarious too. If this describes you, you may find great enjoyment in wearing socks that reflect your particular passions, whether they’re obscure or mainstream. Bonus: novelty socks are a great ice breaker and an easy way to meet others with shared hobbies.


Houndstooth Sock: The Timelessly Stylish


Like stripes, the houndstooth pattern has a fascinating history whose modern wear ties in directly with its contemporary symbolism. Originally developed in Scotland by shepherds who crafted the design by using alternating undyed woolen threads from white, black, and brown sheep, the houndstooth pattern was believed to be protective, acting as a sort of natural camouflage against agricultural backdrops. As it was with stripes, however, the houndstooth pattern was appropriated by the aristocracy, and by the 20th century was incorporated into the lines of numerous high-profile fashion houses, such as Dior and Louis Vuitton. Still in widespread use today, the houndstooth sock can be seen as emblematic of those with a preppy flair for timeless fashion, classically elegant looks, and a taste for the best that life has to offer.


Professional-themed Socks: The Hard Worker


It’s said that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Nowhere is this truer than for the man who’s found pride and passion in his life’s work. If this sounds like you, there may be no better sock to match your personality than one whose design revolves around your primary pastime: your work! Whether you’re a driven dentist, an avid accountant, a dutiful deputy, or a self-made businessowner, you can find a SAINT CROIX sock to match the work that means the most to you.

Which sock style speaks the most to you? Whether it’s a color-popping pattern or a standard solid, SAINT CROIX has a diverse collection of Men’s Socks to suit your style, setting, mood, and personality.

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