As Americans, our national values encourage us to be independent and self-sufficient – and buying products made in the USA can help us to achieve that. Read on to learn the 8 best reasons to buy American made.

Supports The U.S. Economy

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When you purchase products made in the US, the money spent enters and stays within our economy. This supports domestic businesses and keeps them in operation, fortifying industry, GDP, and healthy spending. Furthermore, comprehensive consumer analysis studies show that, across all generations, Americans are more likely to purchase an item if it’s made in the States, even if it costs more. 

Supports Safe And Healthy Worker Conditions

Sadly, slave labor still exists in some foreign countries – many of which are popular destinations for outsourcing US manufacturing. Keeping production in the United States ensures that business practices adhere to federal regulations, which emphasize safety, livable wages, and healthy working conditions. When production remains in the US, we benefit from transparency and control over the workspaces that create the goods we consume.Woman working at the KnitCraft factory in Winona, MN, uses a sewing machine on a menswear garment.

Ensures Sustainable Access To Products

Countries to which American companies may outsource don’t just run the risk of unregulated working conditions, but may also enter into periods of unrest or hostility, whether due to the outbreak of conflict or increasing negative sentiments towards democratic nations. Turmoil of any sort in a foreign nation impacts manufacturing, which in turn limits or altogether halts the flow of imports into the US. Supporting American production guarantees sustained generation of goods, without the threat of political or geographic deterrents. 

Protects Jobs And Produces Work Opportunities

How buying American-made products influences the job market is pretty straightforward: When production is in the US, citizens stay employed, and when the business thrives, more jobs are created. By contrast, American companies that outsource labor to cut costs will be hard-pressed to ever see those jobs return to the States. 

Better For The Environment

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When products are made locally, the carbon footprint of their transportation is much smaller than it would be if they were made in another country. Additionally, the US is one of the foremost leaders in sustainable manufacturing, with an increasing number of American businesses leaning into environmentally conscious business practices. 

Higher Quality Of Products

Products sourced and made in America are almost always going to be higher in quality than imported items. Reputable US brands, such as SAINT CROIX, only came to be known as such because they made an effort to emphasize craftsmanship, superior caliber, and unbeatable quality. It’s worth noting that while the “Made in the USA” price tag may have a higher number, its cost per use is actually lower than imported goods, as its lifespan outlasts cheaper alternatives due to the premium grade of materials used, and the care invested during its creation. 

Keeps Local Communities Flourishing

Exterior shot of the Saint Croix La Crosse location building, a historic brick and glass construction in the heart of the city's downtown district.

We’ve all seen the unfortunate sight of shuttered factories and boarded up shops, visual proof that once-vibrant communities may falter if there isn’t sufficient business to keep the town alive. Buying American made, and especially shopping locally, are some of the best ways to keep your neighborhood flourishing. Much as choosing American products supports the economy as a whole, opting for domestically produced goods can support robust, self-sustaining local job markets – and give small business owners the continued chance to do what they love most.

Faster Shipments And Arrivals

A logically simple but often overlooked benefit of buying American made is that the product will get to you sooner. Whether you’re shopping at a mom-and-pop store or ordering from a nearby state, choosing USA-made means you’ll avoid the long wait times of shipments from other countries. There’s also the peace of mind that comes from knowing where the items are coming from, versus the ambiguous knowledge that your purchase has made a long voyage on an ocean-lining freight ship carrying any assortment of commodities.


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