Benefits of Personal Styling

Why Work with a Personal Stylist?

Whether you’re looking to round off your existing wardrobe or completely redefine your look, working with a personal stylist can help you achieve your aesthetic goals – with many benefits to boot.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what personal styling is, who works with personal stylists, and the perks that come along with the process for potential clients like you. 

What is Personal Styling?

Personal styling refers to the experiences – and the client-stylist relationship – that revolve around custom-tailored fashion and dressing advice. A personal stylist works with clients to elevate their individual style, identifying clothing pieces that enhance their appearance, complement their preferred style of dress, and harmonize with their lifestyle. 

Personal styling clients enjoy a wide range of services, from initial consultations to determine what is already in (and needs to be added to) their closet, to prepared fitting rooms stocked full of ensembles their stylist believes they will love, to advice on how to best dress for specific events and occasions. 

At its core, personal styling is about discovering the clothing, colors, accessories, and aesthetic elements that best reflect the most impressive yet authentic version of oneself.

Who works with a Personal Stylist?

Contrary to popular belief, personal stylists aren’t reserved to the echelons of celebritydom. (Indeed, high-profile individuals are more likely to be working with one-off fashion stylists or image consultants, which are distinct specializations separate from personal styling.)

Personal stylists work with individuals of all ages, identities, and backgrounds. A person seeking their services may be a groom preparing for the big day, or a businessman seeking to embody the professional part, or an aspiring politician revving up for campaign season. The breadth of clients that utilize personal styling is as diverse as the client experience is uniquely individualized. 

So if you’re considering personal styling for yourself, don’t ever feel like you aren’t a good candidate – there’s no such thing. When it comes to dressing well and feeling your most confident, there’s a personal stylist for you who will fit your objectives as perfectly as a custom-tailored suit.

7 Benefits of Personal Styling

Now that we’ve established a definition and demographic around personal styling, let’s get to the good part: where it stands to benefit you! 

When working with a personal stylist, you can expect to:

1. Find clothing to complement what you currently have

We’ve all run into the issue before: A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear! This may be a sign that you’re ready to get the input of a personal stylist. During initial consultations with such professionals, you’ll most likely be asked about what you currently have in your wardrobe, or your stylist may make a home visit to assess your existing attire. Doing so allows you and your stylist to determine which clothing is flattering and worth keeping, and what no longer suits you or your aesthetic ambitions. 

Subsequently, your personal stylist will offer options and suggestions on apparel and accessories that complement what you already own and like to wear. These pieces will not only integrate seamlessly into your existing options, but lay the framework for expanding a quality, palette-oriented clothing collection moving forward.

2. Build a wardrobe to fit your lifestyle

The types of lives we lead are as variegated as the clothes we wear, so it only makes sense that your manner of dress should reflect and accommodate your lifestyle. That being said, it can be difficult to know the best way of presenting yourself in your job, or knowing which fabrics are optimally suited for outdoor recreation, travel, and other pursuits. When working with a personal stylist, you’ll receive insight not only on what looks good, but what kinds of clothing make sense for you and your everyday needs.

3. Order custom-sized pieces to flatter your physique

Whoever invented the phrase “One size fits all” was sorely mistaken. Everyone’s body is wonderfully and differently made, but when it comes to clothing, this can sometimes cause frustration and difficulty finding pieces that flatter your physique. 

Enter the personal stylist to provide honest and helpful feedback on what looks make your natural form shine. If needed, your stylist can send your measurements (taken during initial consultation) to a reputable custom clothier that can produce the styles you love in tailored sizes made exclusively for you.

Man wearing SAINT CROIX floral shirt with navy blue blazer checks his reflection in the mirror of an elegant room.4. Receive professional input as to what looks best

It sometimes takes a second pair of eyes to get the right idea of how something looks, and this is certainly true when it comes to personal style. As much as we’d all like to think we know what our colors are, or what cuts of fabric fall in the most flattering way, it’s honestly difficult to know for sure without a professional opinion. 

Personal stylists specialize in understanding the interplay between physical features and garments of clothing, and how the two can work for or against one another. They may work to determine your ideal look by visiting various shops with you to try things on, preparing an in-store fitting room full of looks to “test”, or performing a color analysis test, among other methods. Rest assured, your personal stylist will find a solution for selecting pieces that work for you, not the opposite! 

5. Try on new looks you normally wouldn’t consider

Just as friends can help turn you onto new foods or musicians, a personal stylist can help you discover new looks you normally wouldn’t consider for yourself. Not only do good stylists have an extensive amount of knowledge in different spheres of fashion, but they have a keen eye for “seeing” in advance what may look fantastic on a client, even if it’s a style that falls outside of their comfort zone. 

Part of the fun of working with a personal stylist is exploring the many different ways you can present yourself, trying on visual ‘personalities.’ Not all of them will work, but some will, and when they do, you’ll have fresh ensembles you’re eager to show off to the world. 

6. Boost self-esteem and confidence

The primary goal of every good personal stylist is to help their client feel their most confident, not just because their external appearance looks great, but because they genuinely believe they’re presenting their best self. 

Personal styling can be advantageous in ways beyond the aesthetic; it can help you understand why certain aspects of your person may make you self-conscious, and how these can be minimized or complimented rather than erased or changed. If done properly with a trustworthy professional, personal styling can both cultivate self-acceptance and refine a first-rate version of oneself.  

7. Enjoy a truly personalized shopping experience

While personal styling sessions don’t always involve shopping – much of the process involves consultation, discussion, and sampling styles – when it does, you can look forward to it being a truly personalized experience.

Shopping with a personal stylist means there’s little to no stress about selecting garments, dealing with size exchanges, or determining what will be a worthwhile wardrobe investment. They’re happy to handle it all! One of the main perks of working with a stylist means that you can remove much of the guesswork that goes into dressing and accessorizing. Furthermore, you’ll have reassurance that your stylist is making suggestions with your lifestyle, budget, and preferences in mind. 

SAINT CROIX offers free personal styling appointments to all new and existing customers. Find a location near you to book today and discover how a one-on-one styling experience can boost your confidence and elevate your everyday look.

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