Knitcraft Technology

The pursuit of perfection cannot be done alone. It takes a commitment from every person that works to create our luxury goods. Each employee is empowered with the ability to do anything they can to improve the garments they are making, regardless of cost. There are no tolerances. If it isn’t right, it’s done again. Not even 1/32 of an inch is acceptable—every garment must be perfect. With perfection as the standard, many innovations have been developed over the years that contribute to St. Croix’s brand being known world-wide as the finest.

Never-roll Collar

Knitwear made at St. Croix features our patented knit-in Collar Stays. The collar never rolls up, never rolls down, even after machine washing. This advancement creates a collar that holds up under a jacket, and always looks perfect.


Exclusive Techno-Cotton is the result of a unique knitting technology that combines a moisture wicking microfiber with the world’s finest cotton. The microfiber layer rests against the body where it rapidly wicks moisture from the skin and transfers it to the cotton, allowing it to evaporate. By controlling moisture, Techno-Cotton regulates body temperature for maximum comfort in all climates.

Natural Stretch Wool

This knit technology was developed for comfort, fit and movement, providing stretch with total shape retention. Advanced knitting technologies use an ultra-thin, ultra-fine fiber of the lightest wool to create this natural fiber knitwear. These handcrafted garments stretch to move with you, yet retains its shape for an impeccable look each time you wear it.