Pack Your Suitcase!

Pack your suitcase, you’re going someplace warm! The moment you book a trip, the timer begins. Maybe you’re the type to set a countdown on your phone. Or you’re so invested into the idea, you can rattle the number off from the top of your…

What Makes Luxury (Menswear) So Luxurious?

What Makes Luxury (Menswear) So Luxurious?  The very first time you put on a piece of clothing from St Croix, maybe you didn’t ponder what made that little slice of luxury so luxurious. You just knew it looked great. You knew the fit felt amazing….

Fall is in the Air

Right now, you’re enjoying the final stretch of summer, but soon you’ll be able to feel fall is in the air. A time when we can look forward to football. A time to bask in crisp colors cascading down the countryside and tree-lined city streets….

The World’s Softest Cashmere – Todd & Duncan

Todd & Duncan, Goats and St. Croix Luxury Men’s Clothing After reading the above phrase, you may wonder what Todd & Duncan, goats and St. Croix have to do with one another. Simply put, they’re all pieces of a handcrafted puzzle, which when put together…

The Celebration of All Things Dad

To All Dads – This month, join us in the celebration of all things dad. He’s the guy who teaches those all-important life lessons. Lessons his dad may have taught him, lessons he teaches his own children. For some, it was how to bait a…

Dress to Impress this Mother’s Day

Dress to Impress your Mom for Mother’s Day Your mom is the first woman in your life, even if you now have a family of your own. She is the one that loved you since the day you were born, and she certainly will always…

Join St. Croix in Supporting Ukraine

Support Ukraine The ongoing war in Ukraine is affecting many lives. Not just the people living and fleeing from the country but also people working relentlessly to help whether they are volunteers or working for governments and organizations. Children are the ones who are suffering…

Spring Must Haves

Spring Must-Haves No matter where you live, there’s something special about spring. It’s refreshing. Once those vibrant colors start to come alive outside, there’s a shift in mood and movement all around. You can feel that itch to get out and do those things you…

What Makes Our Classics Classic?

You know a classic when you see it. Classic cars. Classic cocktails. Classic films. There’s a timelessness that encapsulates the essence of what it means to be a cut above the rest, to never go out of style. You also know classic attire when you…

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