A Father’s Advice

Building a business is something akin to raising children. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, patience and a strong sense of humor. You do your best, hope for the best, and pray that you’re building a solid foundation for the future. Someone who…

MRket in a Winter Wonderland

Do you remember last week’s storm? The storm that shut down offices, schools, and freeways, and dumped upwards of 30 inches of snow on certain parts of the east coast? The storm that had people digging out of walls of snow surrounding their cars and…

Holiday Wishes

Hours of designing, planning, procurement, and craftsmanship go into each garment that St. Croix produces. Every single person plays an important role in crafting the world’s finest and most luxurious knitwear. We’re pleased and honored that our customers continue to support the work we do,…

Handcrafted Legacy

Has anyone ever made anything for you by hand? Chances are, it’s become a cherished gift. Giving something that is handmade conveys thoughtfulness, care and quality. There’s an entire $30-billion-dollar craft industry based on creating, and often giving, things that are handmade. The term handmade…

European Trip and Special Pre-Sale!

Twice a year, our Design Director, Dave Gebhardt, and St. Croix Founder Mr. Brenner make a whirl-wind trip through Europe. They scout trends, literally traveling city to city through the important fashion capitals of Europe. It’s an exciting and arduous effort, but like every piece…

St. Croix Trousers now in stock!

For nearly 60 years, St. Croix has been proud to offer hand-made luxury clothing. Our fabulous knitwear is handcrafted in America. Some items in our collection, like our supreme Crossover Shirts and our specialty trousers are handmade by our Italian tailors exclusively for St. Croix….

St. Croix Bicentennial Flag “Flies” Again!

When you make the life changing decision to become a citizen of a country you weren’t born in, it’s not something you take lightly. It’s not a decision you forget making. You take an oath and promise allegiance to that country. When Bernhard Brenner became…

55 Years of Excellence

This August, St. Croix Collections is celebrating fifty-five years of business. Fifty-five years of creating the world’s finest knitwear for men. Fifty-five years of honing our craftsmanship and our artistry into a reputation for excellence. Fifty-five years of dedicated workers, proud of our American-made heritage….

St. Croix Special Preview Event

Everyone knows that St. Croix is the creator extraordinaire of luxury knitwear—and has been for almost 60 years. You can search the world over, and not find knits of higher quality. That’s been the singular goal of St. Croix’s founder, Bernhard Brenner, since he started…

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