Linen Belgian linen is renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality and has gained a reputation as one of the finest fabrics in the textile industry. With its origins dating back centuries, Belgian linen continues to be highly sought after for its remarkable durability, natural beauty,…


Vicuña The most expensive fabric in the world is fiber from a type of llama, the Vicuña. Found high up in the Andes Mountains of South America, this fabric is even more expensive and harder to find than Cashmere. Throughout history, this fabric was known…

Mozambique Silk

Mozambique Silk Mozambique silk, the whitest and softest silk in the world, is available in very limited amounts worldwide. We use only this superfine silk to create our natural fiber blended knitwear. Silk lends a beautiful luxurious look with a smooth, soft feel for comfort…

Merino Wool

Merino Wool When it comes to knitwear, we know that well-considered, beautifully spun sweaters and structured fits make all the difference. That’s why we use the finest cruelty-free merino wool to create premium pieces in terms of quality, warmth, and durability. From the Merino Sheep…

Giza Cotton

Giza Cotton Grown in Egypt, Giza Cotton is the state-of-the-art of cotton fabric. What makes this fabric different from Egyptian Cotton is the area where it is grown. Giza Cotton is grown near the Nile River Delta, which is full of nutrients and has a…

Mongolian Cashmere

Cashmere Wearing the highest quality materials your money can buy, you are guaranteed instant comfort and style that everyone desires. Whether it is in the middle of the Summer heat, or during a Winter snowstorm, you can count on high-end fabrics, like Mongolian Cashmere, to…

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