Mozambique Silk

Mozambique silk, the whitest and softest silk in the world, is available in very limited amounts worldwide. We use only this superfine silk to create our natural fiber blended knitwear. Silk lends a beautiful luxurious look with a smooth, soft feel for comfort in any season.

The Finest In The World

Wearing the highest quality materials your money can buy, you are guaranteed instant comfort and style that everyone desires in fashion. Whether it is in the middle of the Summer heat, or during a Winter snowstorm, you can count on high-end fabrics, like Mozambique Silk, to keep you comfortable while you are out and about. To create the world’s finest garments, you have to start with the world’s best raw materials. We find this non-negotiable and the absolute standard at St. Croix.

From The Animal's Back To Yours

The geographical location and conditions surrounding animals that produce quality fur results in the high price tag you will find on items made from animal materials. High up in the Andes Mountains of Peru, in the fields of Australia, through the rolling hills of Mongolia, animals such as the Vicuna, the Merino Sheep, and the Mongolian Goat, are valued for their incredibly soft and luxurious fur coats. Wear them proudly!

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Find Yours

Color, texture, and creative designs make our garments truly one-of-a-kind. Clothes aren’t meant to be boring, they’re meant to infuse our lives with richness, vibrancy, and patterns. Our designs may be what immediately catches your eye, but it is the incredible material that will make you never want to take it off.

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