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Getting What You Pay For

Many years ago, the majority of clothing that Americans wore was actually made in America. Today, only roughly 3-5% of clothing is still manufactured on our shores. Most of what Americans buy and wear is inexpensive, mass-produced clothing that might last one season. And while inexpensive clothing fulfills a desire for trendy selections or a […]


Retailer Spotlight: The Red Barn Fine Apparel

Over the course of history, barns were often a place for invention—for tinkering around on an idea until it became something real. The airplane from the Wright Brothers comes to mind as one of the greatest inventions to emerge from a barn. What isn’t often heard of is a barn being used as a high-end […]


St. Croix Bicentennial Flag “Flies” Again!

When you make the life changing decision to become a citizen of a country you weren’t born in, it’s not something you take lightly. It’s not a decision you forget making. You take an oath and promise allegiance to that country. When Bernhard Brenner became a citizen of the United States, he took that decision—that […]