Giving The Perfect Gift

This time of year, you’re already looking ahead to achieving your goal of giving the perfect gift. You may have some ideas. You may have done a little browsing, or this may be a reminder you’re on the clock. Your mission, should you choose to…

What Makes Luxury (Menswear) So Luxurious?

What Makes Luxury (Menswear) So Luxurious?  The very first time you put on a piece of clothing from St Croix, maybe you didn’t ponder what made that little slice of luxury so luxurious. You just knew it looked great. You knew the fit felt amazing….

Make Your Socks More Than an Accessory

Your socks should be more than just an accessory. You may think of them as the last thing you put on when getting dressed. A piece of clothing that’s merely an afterthought, one of the things you have to wear on the days you’re not…

Fashion as Art

As a nod to National Arts and Humanities Month, St Croix continues the proud tradition of sharing our love of art and the world’s finest clothing.

Getting What You Pay For

Many years ago, the majority of clothing that Americans wore was actually made in America. Today, only roughly 3-5% of clothing is still manufactured on our shores. Most of what Americans buy and wear is inexpensive, mass-produced clothing that might last one season. And while…

St. Croix Collections – Our Story

It’s hard for a company to thrive for over 50 years in the fashion business if the foundation isn’t strong. Among our upscale, discriminating clients, we’ve built an international reputation of excellence by delivering it. But it all started with very humble beginnings. Over 50…

Retailer Spotlight: Mr. B Clothing

Successful people often have common personality traits and habits. Certainly hard work and determination is part of the mix, but for those that are successful and content, there’s something more. You’ll find that for these people, there’s a passion for the work they do, a…

The Way It’s Done

Do you know what these items have in common: Crayola crayons, Red Wing Boots, and Zippo Lighters? If you guessed that all of these products are made in America, then you’d be correct. The movement toward supporting companies who are manufacturing products in the U.S….

Retailer Spotlight: The Red Barn Fine Apparel

Over the course of history, barns were often a place for invention—for tinkering around on an idea until it became something real. The airplane from the Wright Brothers comes to mind as one of the greatest inventions to emerge from a barn. What isn’t often…

Retailer Spotlight: Partners’ Limited

Partners’ clothing store in Lafayette, Louisiana is loving their new location. They recently relocated to a new, stand-alone building in a thriving, energetic part of town. They love that this location brings in lots of new, fresh faces, but is still convenient for their beloved…

Retailer Spotlight: Nancy’s Fancys

One of the best things about independent retailers is that they are precisely that: independent. These stores aren’t the homogenized corporate versions of big box retail that removes all individual personality—they are filled with personality. Nancy’s Fancys in Highlands, North Carolina is exactly that kind…

Sales Representative Spotlight: Rick Hencier

Rock-steady is often used to describe people who are consistent and dependable. That description is fittingly applied to St. Croix Sale Representative Rick Hencier. Rick has been part of the St. Croix family for nearly 29 years, and loves it just as much today as…

Retailer Spotlight: The Shirt Box

Throughout history, there are so many stories about people leaving home to find their way…seeking something more than what they’ve always known. There are also many stories of those same people coming home…realizing that they already knew exactly where they belonged. Ron Elkus and Rod…

The New Luxury Blend

Innovation takes many shapes. Sometimes it comes in the shape of a new technology or gadget, like the now-ubiquitous iPhone. Sometimes it comes in the shape of putting together two or three existing things and creating something new. For St. Croix Collections, their most recent…

MRket in a Winter Wonderland

Do you remember last week’s storm? The storm that shut down offices, schools, and freeways, and dumped upwards of 30 inches of snow on certain parts of the east coast? The storm that had people digging out of walls of snow surrounding their cars and…

Retailer Spotlight: Franco’s Fine Clothier

In our go-go-go world, speed is often one of the things we prize most. Fast internet connection, fast and easy meals—everything is fast. But for true luxury, “speed” is rarely part of the equation. Fine wines, for example, take time to become fine. At St….

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