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When a luxury legend becomes a reality: Wool, Cashmere & Silk have arrived

Innovation takes many shapes. Sometimes it comes in the form of a new technology or gadget, like the now-ubiquitous iPhone. Sometimes it comes together by combining two or three existing things and creating something new. For St. Croix Collections, their most recent innovation comes in the shape of several new fantastic knitwear items featuring our […]


The Way It’s Done

Do you know what these items have in common: Crayola crayons, Red Wing Boots, and Zippo Lighters? If you guessed that all of these products are made in America, then you’d be correct. The movement toward supporting companies who are manufacturing products in the U.S. has grown over the last several years. What used to […]


Retailer Spotlight: Nancy’s Fancys

One of the best things about independent retailers is that they are precisely that: independent. These stores aren’t the homogenized corporate versions of big box retail that removes all individual personality—they are filled with personality. Nancy’s Fancys in Highlands, North Carolina is exactly that kind of independent retailer— a place stocked full of great products […]